Comprehensive pollutant investigations on a company site in Näfels

Comprehensive pollutant investigations on a company site in Näfels

In Näfels, north of the railroad station, there is the more than 3 hectare large company site of Fritz Landolt Immobilien AG with a history of over 200 years of use in the textile industry. With regard to the future development of the site, Ecosens AG was able to support the owner with various investigations.

During a building screening, all properties on the company premises were randomly examined for building pollutants in order to identify the greatest cost risks. The indoor air quality department also examined the radon potential of the property by taking short-term measurements in selected rooms. This allows any potential risk during the current use and in the event of a possible change of use to be prevented.

Furthermore, a preliminary investigation was also carried out in accordance with contaminated sites legislation. A comprehensive historical investigation was used to reconstruct the long-term history of use and identify possible activities relevant to contaminated sites. The suspected areas were then examined by means of a technical investigation using pile-driving core soundings and groundwater boreholes. This procedure made it possible to classify the site in accordance with contaminated sites legislation and to make a rough estimate of the potential additional costs for the disposal of the pollutants found.

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Responsible for building pollutants:

Katrin Tanneberger

Denise Kull


Responsible for contaminated sites:

Melanie Vögtli

Lars Schudel