Environment & Planning

Service overview

Environmental Impact Assessment

An environmental impact assessment (EIA) proves that the effects of a planned construction project meet all environmental requirements. The basis for this is careful project planning.

Environmental construction monitoring

Environmental construction supervision (UBB) ensures that a project complies with environmental protection regulations and requirements. We recommend that you involve environmental specialists at an early stage. This will help you reduce environmental damage.

Soil protection

Fertile soil is very valuable - but it is becoming increasingly scarce. We assess soil quality and develop measures to protect this important resource. Fertile soil is one of our most important resources.

Nature and landscape

Growing settlement areas and increasing leisure activities are increasing the pressure on natural areas. We support you in taking suitable measures to defuse conflicts of use and protect nature and the landscape.

Environmental studies and applied research

On behalf of the federal government, we produce research studies with a strong practical focus. These include, for example, basic principles for improving environmental enforcement.