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Recycle or dispose

Contamination of the soil with pollutants is usually not visible. If contaminated soil is removed, for example in connection with a construction project, the law requires that the soil is either recycled in an environmentally sound manner or disposed of correctly.

In the vicinity of current or former industrial plants or near roads and railroads, substances that are hazardous to the environment and health are often found in the soil.

Plant protection products and fertilizers can also pollute the soil. In the same way, problematic alien plants (invasive neophytes) that spread rapidly can lead to biological pollution. Neophytes displace native plants and endanger biodiversity. They can cause damage to buildings and cause problems in agriculture and forestry. We evaluate and plan measures to combat neophytes.

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Our soil can be contaminated with pollutants

Do you, as a landowner or builder, have indications of encumbrances, would you like to have a suspicion clarified or would you like to avoid unpleasant surprises?


Melanie Tschopp-Vögtli

Head of Department Contaminated Sites and Geology

Julia Hunziker

Deputy Head of the Contaminated Sites and Geology Department

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