Contaminated site investigation in Obfelden

A former electroplating plant

The project

In connection with the operation of an electroplating shop in Obfelden for about 40 years, the site was entered in the register of contaminated sites (KbS). In addition to chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs), various heavy metals (especially chromate) and non-chlorinated cooling lubricants were used in the electroplating shop. The site had already been historically and technically investigated in 1995 and 2010/2011, during which contamination of the soil and pore air was detected. Due to the lack of criteria for the assessment of sites contaminated with CHCs at that time, further investigations were postponed. The contaminated site investigation was resumed in 2016. The results of additional investigations enabled the site delineation as well as the contaminated site classification. The sites were classified as requiring remediation with regard to CHC and chromate. The classification and the official rulings on cost allocation were the basis for the planned change of ownership, which could take place in 2020/2021 with the approval of the AWEL (Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air).

Info about the project

Project manager

Melanie Tschopp-Vögtli

Head of Department Contaminated Sites and Geology