Does your company comply with the legal environmental and safety requirements?

Comply with legal requirements

We support you in identifying and complying with legal requirements in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection.

Together with you, we define measures to ensure that processes comply with legal requirements and to minimize accidents - and thus downtime costs and liability risks.

We conduct audits to ensure that your company complies with all relevant environmental legislation. Our experienced auditors will review your processes, documentation and environmental data to identify possible risks and potential improvements. We provide you with a thorough and objective review, including a detailed analysis of environmental compliance.

We also support you with measures to improve your environmental performance and reduce your environmental impact. Thanks to the audit, you will be able to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices.

Our services

Our environmental experts will support you with the following services, depending on the issue at hand:

International audits

Does your case extend beyond Switzerland? Thanks to our experience from international audit programs, we are also able to support you in aspects of legal compliance and enforcement in Switzerland from an international perspective.


Daniel Aegerter

Partner, Head of Environmental Due Diligence and Compliance