Service overview

Asbestos and other building pollutants

Buildings contaminated with substances hazardous to health are a problem especially in the case of conversions or demolitions. We provide comprehensive advice on asbestos abatement, the handling of other building pollutants and legal issues.

Indoor air, residential toxins, radon

Health complaints due to building substances are known as "Sick Building Syndrome". We carry out measurements and advise you on clarifications. Ecosens is certified for air measurements and recognized as an official radon measuring point.

Sustainability in construction planning

Healthy and resource-saving properties are a worthwhile investment in the future. We support and advise you in integrating sustainability into construction planning and also in implementing it.

GI - Good Indoor Climate®

The GI - GUTES INNENRAUMKLIMA® label offers building owners security with regard to the indoor climate in new buildings and conversions as well as in existing buildings.

Blower door measurement method

The blower door measurement method can be used to check the tightness of the building envelope. We offer airtightness measurement with blower door measurement method