Environmental studies and applied research

Sound knowledge for the future

Improving environmental enforcement

Within the framework of studies, we develop scientific and methodological foundations for improving environmental enforcement at all three levels of government (federal, cantonal and municipal). We carry out systematic assessments of the environmental impact of technologies and processes that have been little studied to date.

The Federal Offices for the Environment (FOEN) and for Energy (SFOE) regularly invite tenders for applied research studies relating to the environment. With the Energy Strategy 2050, studies on the generation and transportation of energy in particular have become much more important. In addition, the commitment to the final disposal of radioactive waste in Switzerland requires extensive studies on deep repository sites.

Our services

Our environmental professionals can assist you with the following services:

Achieving energy strategy goals together

We support your company and construction projects in achieving the Energy Strategy 2050. 


Daniel Sabathy

Senior Project Manager Environmental Planning

Lars Schudel

Senior Project Manager Contaminated Sites, Deputy Head of Department Environmental Planning