Contaminated sites

Gain planning security

Determine pollutant situation

Are you planning a construction project or the acquisition of a property? Polluted sites present special challenges. First of all, the pollutant situation must be precisely determined.

Building owners are obliged to separate and dispose of contaminated material in accordance with regulations. We assess the environmental hazard and evaluate suitable measures with you.

With our comprehensive contaminated site consulting services, we contribute technical expertise, knowledge of public law procedures and legal aspects. Ecosens is a member of the specialist group of contaminated site consultants of arv Building Materials Recycling Switzerland.

Our services

Our environmental professionals can assist you with the following services:

From the investigation to remediation to the success control

With a carefully executed historical and technical investigation, areas with contaminant loads are identified and classified in terms of waste and contaminated sites. 


Melanie Tschopp-Vögtli

Head of Department Contaminated Sites and Geology

Julia Hunziker

Deputy Head of the Contaminated Sites and Geology Department

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