So that your building project does not fall into the water

Support for your construction project

An often underestimated problem in construction projects is water in the subsoil. We support you in correctly assessing the subsoil situation for your construction project.
A large part of our drinking water supply is fed by groundwater resources. Conflicts of interest therefore often arise in construction projects. Future uses, for example, must be adapted and dimensioned so that they comply with the legal requirements for the applicable groundwater protection measures.
We support you in taking the right precautions and measures to consider influences on the structure (stability, groundwater subsidence) and groundwater quality.

Our services

Our environmental professionals can assist you with the following services:

Protection zone designation

In the summer of 2021, we carried out a dyeing test near Fribourg to define protection zones S1-S3.  


Domokos Fazakas

Head of department for subsoil

Benjamin Zürcher

Head of Department Geothermal Energy and Groundwater Utilization

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