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Technical advice

During construction, all geotechnical issues revolve around the subsoil - and very often it is the great unknown. With a solid ground investigation, we uncover risks at an early stage.

We help you to avoid costly construction processes, construction delays or even structural damage with ground investigations and specialist technical advice. Our expertise enables the reliable and early identification of soil conditions and geological risks, which are crucial for smooth construction planning and implementation.

With thorough investigations, we ensure that the customer knows all the parameters of the subsoil so that he has a solid basis for his construction project. 

Our services

We prepare expert reports for the professional and safe foundation with information on:

From the exploration of the subsoil to the subsoil model

In addition to foundations and excavation closures, groundwater and excavation water is an often underestimated problem that can lead to conflicts of interest. We provide you with comprehensive advice.


Domokos Fazakas

Head of department for subsoil

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