Sustainable construction

Less environmental impact, healthier living climate

Conserving natural resources

How you build today will have an impact on the environment tomorrow, but also on the health of the residents and the value retention of the property.

It is crucial that you set the course for sustainability at an early stage of the project and consider the entire life cycle of the building. This ranges from forward-looking building design, which facilitates future renovation work, to the choice of materials for the interior. In this way, you can conserve natural resources and ensure an indoor climate that is free of pollutants.

We support you in integrating sustainability and health aspects into construction planning and ensuring their implementation.

Ecosens is characterized by the Swiss Certification Body for Construction Products (S-Cert AG) certified for air measurements and recognized by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) as a Radon measuring point recognized.

Our services

Our environmental professionals can assist you with the following services:

Comprehensive services for sustainable construction

For new builds and conversions, a focus should be placed on the choice of sustainable and low-emission materials at an early stage of the project. We support you in integrating and implementing sustainability and health aspects into your construction planning.


Pascal Diefenbacher

Head of Indoor Air Quality

Pia Buser

Project manager for indoor air quality, radon expert

Raphael Rapold

Project manager indoor air quality

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