Conversion and extension of Wetzikon hospital

Soil protection concept / soil displacement procedure

The project

For the renovation and expansion of the Wetzikon hospital, various small buildings were dismantled and the partially contaminated soil was removed over a large area to clear the construction site. The project thus involved large-scale earth movements and, in addition, a soil displacement procedure was prescribed due to an entry in the test perimeter for soil displacement (PBV). The area affected by the excavation pit is around 6,000 m2. A large installation and handling area was built adjacent to it. As the soil in this area was also partially chemically contaminated and mixed with foreign substances, the topsoil and subsoil were also removed from this area of around 2,500 m2. Ecosens carried out investigations and sampling of the existing soil prior to the start of construction and assessed the soil for its usability. The findings were documented in a soil protection concept together with measures for physical soil protection. As part of the soil displacement process, a soil expert accompanied the construction work. Some of the removed soil could be temporarily stored on site for later landscaping. However, another part of the removed soil had to be disposed of due to the contamination identified.

Info about the project

Project manager

Daniel Sabathy

Senior Project Manager Environmental Planning

Lars Schudel

Senior Project Manager Contaminated Sites, Deputy Head of Department Environmental Planning