Preliminary investigation of a municipal landfill in Zurich

Historical and technical investigation in accordance with the Contaminated Sites Ordinance

The project

The municipality was requested by the canton to investigate a former municipal landfill. Ecosens conducted a preliminary investigation for the municipality in accordance with the Ordinance on Contaminated Sites. The landfill was filled in the period before 1940 and there is no detailed historical information. The presumed landfill site is crossed by a stream and is partially covered by a high-rise building. Another part is used for agriculture. In addition, the site is located in an area with usable groundwater. The landfill perimeter was delimited by a technical investigation tailored to the site and the impact of the landfill on the protected resources soil, groundwater and surface water was assessed by targeted sampling. Based on the results of the investigation, it became clear that the landfill had no negative impact on the environment. Thus, the site could be classified according to the Contaminated Sites Ordinance. The landfill site remains registered in the register of polluted sites (KbS), but no further measures (neither monitoring nor remediation) are necessary.

Info about the project

Project manager

Michael Rüffer

Partner, Senior Project Manager Contaminated sites

Julia Hunziker

Deputy Head of the Contaminated Sites and Geology Department