Invasive neophytes in the Valais Alps

The occurrences were identified and georeferenced during an inspection of the two TMR SA railroad lines.

The project

Invasive neophytes prefer to colonize freshly created embankments, soil deposits and other raw soils. Railroad lines and embankments are also affected areas. Highly proliferating species can therefore impair infrastructure and very quickly lead to high maintenance costs. The Federal Office of Transport (FOT) asked MR AG to address the issue of invasive neophytes on its rail network, and Ecosens supported Transports de Martigny et Régions SA (TMR) in combating neophytes on the Mont Blanc Express and St. Bernard Express lines. During an inspection of the two railroad lines (~ 45 km), the occurrences were identified and georeferenced. The data was processed so that it could be managed on a GIS platform. A customized action plan showed how the neophytes can be combated as part of maintenance. As part of a training course, TMR employees were informed about the procedure and the proper handling of neophytes.

Info about the project

Project manager

Thiago Biolley

Branch Manager Ecosens Romandie SA

Daniel Sabathy

Senior Project Manager Environmental Planning