Nature conservation inventory objects in building zone, Volketswil

Procurement and evaluation of building law and environmental data relating to zoning and building zone regulations

The project

On a previously undeveloped property in the residential or building zone, there was a once man-made pond with banks and an extensive row of hedges. With regard to a planned property sale, various questions arose: Are these protected nature conservation objects and of what status? Can these areas still be built on? What replacement measures could be expected? Ecosens AG carried out the relevant clarifications with the utmost discretion and drew up a nature conservation report to answer all these questions. The report also included suggestions as to how the nature conservation inventory objects could be integrated into a future development or how appropriate replacement measures could be implemented on the property itself or externally.

Info about the project

Project manager

Daniel Sabathy

Senior Project Manager Environmental Planning

Lars Schudel

Senior Project Manager Contaminated Sites, Deputy Head of Department Environmental Planning