Rynetel wildlife transfer

Environmental planning department - Rynetel wildlife flyover

Wildlife corridors are part of the ecological infrastructure. The AG6 wildlife corridor in the Rohr-Rupperswil forest area is one of the most important in Switzerland. The wildlife overpasses aim to create a trouble-free network of paths for wild animals across cantonal borders.

The wildlife overpass commissioned by the Federal Roads Office FEDRO was built using timber construction. The Rynetel wildlife overpass consists of a 50 m wide arch construction over a length of 36 m. The new wildlife overpass is intended to connect the foothills of the Alps with the southern foot of the Jura and possibly help to reintroduce the red deer to the Jura.

The overpass is covered with earth up to the height of the existing woodland and planted across its entire width. The design varies depending on the wildlife and consists of small structures, such as piles of wood and small bodies of water, as well as shrubs and hedges. These serve as glare protection for the wild animals and thus allow stress-free crossing.

For this project, Ecosens AG provided environmental engineering advice to the client and planners, sampling and testing of soil to be removed with suspected contamination, as well as pedological construction supervision (BBB) and environmental construction supervision (UBB).


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Lars Schudel

Rynetel wildlife transfer