Construction project temporary installation site, Stäfa

Soil surveys / soil protection concept

The project

For a construction project in the municipality of Stäfa, an installation site was set up on a neighboring public property for around two years. For topographical reasons, some of the existing soil had to be removed and temporarily stored. In order to ensure that the work was carried out in a soil-friendly manner, the building permit required soil monitoring and a soil protection concept. A soil specialist from Ecosens AG carried out pedological investigations on the affected area to determine the initial condition and took soil samples. The results of the investigations and the physical soil protection measures for soil removal, interim storage of the topsoil and subsoil and subsequent recultivation were documented in a soil protection concept. During the construction work, the BBB monitored and documented the correct execution. By calling in a soil expert, the client ensures that the work is carried out in accordance with the regulations and relieves the landowner of any liability.

Info about the project

Project manager

Melanie Tschopp-Vögtli

Head of Department Contaminated Sites and Geology

Lars Schudel

Senior Project Manager Contaminated Sites, Deputy Head of Department Environmental Planning