Carbon capture and storage (CCS) under Swiss law

With the adoption of the new Climate and Innovation Act (CISA) on June 18, 2023, Switzerland's climate targets were enshrined in law.

The task now is to target this with the implementation of concrete measures. Experts agree that without technologies to reduce CO2-capture, extraction and storage (CCS technologies), it will not be possible to achieve the net-zero target by 2050.

Lorenz Lehmann and Rahel Zimmermann from our Environmental and Climate Law department have therefore looked at the legal framework for these CCS technologies: How are CCS technologies regulated under Swiss law today? What changes will the revision of the CO2-Act for the period after 2024 and the new KIG? Where are there currently gaps in the legislation and therefore a need for action? They answer these questions in their article "Technologies for CO2 capture, extraction and storage in Switzerland: New legal developments and their gaps" in the issue "Umweltrecht in der Praxis" URP 2023-5 to read.

Since November 2023, Ecosens has been a new member of the Swiss Carbon Removal Platform. The aim of the platform is to jointly and sustainably support the long-term development of CDR, to promote exchange and cooperation in the Swiss CDR ecosystem and to facilitate informed public debate and decision-making.

Contact person
Rahel Zimmermann
Legal assistant