Radon measurement elementary school Dübendorf

Detailed clarifications before remediation, support for radon remediation

The project

In 2019/2020, recognized radon measurements were carried out by Ecosens AG in all school buildings in the municipality of Dübendorf. In two school buildings, the legally stipulated reference value for radon concentrations of 300 Bq/m3 was found to be exceeded in rooms where people spend long periods of time. For this reason, these rooms required remediation. Detailed investigations were then carried out in the affected buildings to examine possible radon ingress paths and the spread of radon gas within the buildings. Time-resolved radon measurements were also used to estimate the radon exposure during the actual periods of use. Based on the investigations carried out, an appropriate remediation concept was then developed for both school buildings. After the radon protection measures were carried out by third-party companies, Ecosens AG was able to verify the success of the remediation by means of control measurements.

Info about the project

Project manager

Pia Buser

Project manager for indoor air quality, radon expert