Checking indoor air quality, Eastern Switzerland

Odor clarification and health/toxicological assessment of indoor air

The project

The offices of a public authority in eastern Switzerland are located in a former industrial building that is over 150 years old. Due to new hires, the authority rented additional office space in this building. However, an unpleasant solvent-like foreign odor was perceptible in these premises, which made it impossible to stay there for long periods of time. For this reason, Ecosens AG was commissioned to investigate the indoor air quality. VOC and formaldehyde tests were carried out to identify odor sources and to assess the health/toxicological quality of the indoor air. measurements were carried out (VOC = volatile organic compounds). The results of the analyses showed that the indoor air is heavily contaminated with an aromatic solvent (xylene) and various other substances. From a health point of view, it was therefore not advisable to use this room as it was. The detailed analysis data showed that the air pollution was caused by the sealing of the floor with clear varnish and not by the former industrial use. Based on this investigation, remediation measures were developed to reduce the air pollution.

Info about the project

Project manager

Pascal Diefenbacher

Head of Indoor Air Quality