300m and 400m bullet traps Neuholz shooting range, Wald

Remediation of contaminated sites incl. preparation of a planning application dossier

The project

The Neuholz shooting range in Wald (ZH) comprises a 300 m bullet trap that is still in use and an old 400 m bullet trap that was used until around 1930. Both bullet traps are located several hundred meters from the nearest road. Economic access and construction site logistics posed a key challenge for the remediation of the two bullet traps. As part of the remediation work, a total of almost 3,000 tons of heavily contaminated bullet trap material was removed and disposed of. After the remediation, the site was recultivated in line with the location and the 300 m bullet trap was converted to an emission-free bullet trap system.

Info about the project

Project manager

Lars Schudel

Senior Project Manager Contaminated Sites, Deputy Head of Department Environmental Planning