Specialist manual

Public building law

Specialist manual from Schulthess Verlag

At last! Until now, the interplay of federal, cantonal and communal regulations in the realization of construction projects was hardly comprehensible even for specialist lawyers, authorities, planners, architects and other experts. This has changed fundamentally with the publication of the new specialist handbook "Öffentliches Baurecht" (Public Building Law) from Schulthess Verlag.

The new specialist handbook provides practitioners with a systematic overview and leaves no questions unanswered. Anyone involved in construction projects of any kind will not be able to avoid it. With Hans U. Liniger as editor and Curdin Conrad, Lorenz Lehmann and Heinz Rothweiler as authors, Ecosens AG was able to make a notable contribution to the success of this specialist handbook.

We are proud that the expertise of our employees is made accessible to a large circle of specialists in the construction and real estate industry at this high level.