Aubrugg cogeneration plant

Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich (ERZ) commissioned Ecosens to record and technically assess the situation regarding pollution/exposure of employees at the Aubrugg facilities.

The Aubrugg cogeneration plant, a large, complex industrial building, is integrated into the second-largest district heating network in Switzerland and is located in the highway triangle between the city of Zurich and the municipality of Walisellen. The entire energy channel (Aubrugg to Wässerwiese) is a 6 km long tunnel for supplying district heating to the city of Zurich.
In order to determine the hazards for future maintenance and renovation work, the exposure to recumbent dust in the systems was recorded and evaluated using adhesive sample campaigns. This was done in collaboration with SUVA and ERZ.
In consultation with SUVA and with precise specifications, pilot refurbishments and cleanings (section by section) were carried out, which Ecosens accompanied with planning, technical and measurement support. Ecosens used the resulting findings to develop a safety concept for future refurbishment or cleaning work.

Contact person
Michael Ehmann
Project manager for building pollutants