Warpel 300 m shooting range, Embrach Project to remediate a contaminated site

The project

Location: Embrach (ZH)
Customer: The municipality of Embrach
Phases: Preliminary assessment of the contaminated site, remediation project, submission and contaminated site remediation
Duration: 2015-2019
Building costs: approx. CHF 500,000


The backstop for Warpel’s 300 m shooting range in Embrach is situated in the Warpel valley, a fenland area of national significance. As part of the historical and technical assessment of the contaminated site, investigations were carried out into the extent of soil contamination, as well as the extent of the threat posed to the fen and stream water. Due to the high potential risk to the environment, Ecosens AG developed a remediation project for the contaminated site. Following the building permit procedure and a process of public tender, the work to remediate the contaminated site was completed in autumn 2019.


Our services

  • Conducting multi-stage historical and technical surveys with risk assessments for different types of protected property
  • Undertaking a remediation assessment with detailed mapping of soil contamination and preparing the remediation project
  • Developing the remediation project and managing the building permit procedure
  • Putting the remediation of the contaminated site out to public tender
  • Undertaking the construction management and specialist construction management for the contaminated site and the pedological building management for the remediation and converting the range to an emission-free backstop system


  • The backstop is situated in protected moorland of national significance
  • Extensive requirements relating to natural and moorland preservation and soil protection
  • Stringent requirements for returning the land to its original state and its subsequent management
  • Technical supervision from moorland and pedological building management specialists (PBM)
  • Continued operation of the range following the remediation works and associated conversion to an emission-free backstop system

Project manager:

Lars Schudel Project manager: Contaminated sites/ Deputy divisional manager: Environmental planning
Certified Geographer
lschudel@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 40 More