Uncovering the village stream in Stetten (AG) Ecological construction monitoring

The project

Place: Stetten (AG)
Customer: Creafonds AG, Sursee
Phases: Implementation and commissioning
Period: 2018-2020
Construction costs: Approx. CHF 200,000


A culverted stream was uncovered and renaturalised over a length of approx 100 m as part of the construction of a residential development in the former industrial area. The new course of the stream was almost the same as the culvert, which resulted in complex relocation requirements. A bridge as well as a new inflow structure were constructed at the project site. The construction project at a contaminated site was supported and monitored by Ecosens AG’s ecological project management.


Our services

  • Assessment of neophyte presence and hazardous material contamination before the start of construction
  • Specialised consulting to the construction management and the landscape architect during the planning phase
  • Project management during decontamination, uncovering and design of the new course of the stream (soil, water protection, ecology)
  • Implementation and impact monitoring of environmental measures/conditions
  • Follow-up monitoring of neophytes after revegetation and commissioning


  • The new course of the stream is almost in the same place as the former culvert
  • The site had been entered in the register of contaminated sites and had to be decontaminated in order to uncover the stream
  • Restricted spatial conditions
  • Water management during construction work
  • Neophytes often spread along surface water courses
  • Soil and substrate selection, ecological structures in and near the water

Project manager:

Lars Schudel Co-divisional manager: Contaminated sites/ Deputy divisional manager: Environmental planning
Certified Geographer
lschudel@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 40 More