The Reinhard estate, Hausen am Albis, Building inspection with subsequent project management

The project

Location: Hausen am Albis (ZH)
Client: Madarex Immobilien AG
Construction management: Vollenweider Baurealisation GbmH, Mr Pius Vollenweider
Phases: Building inspection, planning, project management
Period: 2018 - 2019


Redevelopment work was carried out at the Reinhard estate in Hausen am Albis, which is subject to a preservation order. Due to the year of construction and the various renovations undertaken prior to 1990, a survey was carried out prior to redevelopment to identify the presence of any hazardous materials (asbestos, PAH, PCB) in the structure.
It was necessary to comply with the requirements of the preservation order when conducting the hazardous materials survey and carrying out the remediation work.



Our services

  • Carrying out a building inspection and a subsequent detailed evaluation with sampling
  • Preparing and amending a contamination report
  • Compiling submissions documentation for the removal of hazardous materials
  • Conducting building site inspections as part of the removal of hazardous materials (installations, building zones, successful removal, etc.)
  • Conducting zone clearance measurements in accordance with VDI 3492
  • Communicating with the authorities
  • Assisting the construction manager with the decontamination specialist’s invoices
  • Compiling a summary report following successful decontamination

Project manager: