Subsoil remediation using excavated soil (stopping contamination at source, Lupfig/Hausen (AG)

The project

Location: Lupfig/Hausen (AG)
Customer: HIAG (Zurich) AG
Phases: Subsoil remediation using excavated soil (stopping contamination at source)
Duration: Until July 2019
Building costs: approx. CHF 1,000,000


As a result of previous production processes, there was soil and groundwater contamination on the former Reichhold Chemie site in Hausen and Lupfig. To enable the site to be developed and built on in the future, cutting-edge technology was used to ensure that pollutants present in the ground could be reduced to a minimum. Under the planning and management of Ecosens AG, excavation work incorporating the site's groundwater was undertaken.


Our services

  • Exploration of contaminated zones in line with statutory site decontamination requirements (technical investigation, detailed investigation)
  • Preparation of the remediation project
  • Acting as the interface between cantonal authorities, the customer and business owners
  • Construction management and specialist construction management for the site remediation project

Project manager:

Klaus Reuter Project Manager: Contaminated sites
Geologist +41 44 839 47 82 More