Decontamination project and site remediation for 50 m and 300 m shooting ranges at Sohr, Windisch

Das Projekt

Location: Windisch (AG)
Customer: The municipality of Windisch (AG)
Phases: Decontamination project, submission, site remediation
Duration: 2017-2018
Building costs: approx. CHF 500,000


The municipality of Windisch had to remediate the 50 m and 300 m bullet trap at the decommissioned Sohr shooting range, in line with statutory site decontamination requirements. Due to its position in the agricultural zone, the remediation work entailed breaking up all concrete structures and recultivating high-grade agricultural land. Ecosens AG provided support to the municipality of Windisch at all stages of the project, from planning to implementation.


Our services

  • Detailed investigation and decontamination of contaminated site for the 50 m bullet trap
  • Site remediation project development including preparation of planning application and detailed plan for compensatory ecological measures
  • Coordinating with all the landowners, farmers and cantonal bodies affected
  • Inviting tenders for the site remediation works
  • Construction management and specialist construction management of the remediation works at the contaminated site


  • The highly-contaminated bullet trap material requiring disposal made this a large-scale project
  • Excavation works in the vicinity of archaeological sites and environmentally valuable natural areas
  • Strict requirements in terms of physical soil protection and recultivation of agricultural land for crop rotation
  • Acting as the interface for a range of different landowners, farmers and cantonal bodies (soil and nature conservation,cantonal archaeological office, contaminated sites department, etc.)

Project manager:

Lars Schudel Project manager: Contaminated sites/ Deputy divisional manager: Environmental planning
Certified Geographer +41 44 839 47 40 More

Michael Rüffer Partner, Senior Projektleiter Altlasten
Dipl. Phil.II, Geologe, Hydrogeologe CHYN +41 44 839 47 81 Mehr