Radon measurements in cantonal vocational schools and secondary schools

The project

Location: 30 sites in the Canton of Zurich
Client: Office of Waste, Water, Energy and Air (AWEL) of the Canton Of Zurich
Phases: Large number of radon measurements in cantonal vocational and secondary schools
Period: 2020 to 2022


Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive ground gas that can penetrate into the building through leaks between building and soil and accumulate, particularly on  the lower floors. Radon inhaled in high concentrations over a long time can lead to lung cancer.
The revised radiation protection regulations, which have been in force since 2018, provide stricter limits for the permitted radon concentration and specific protective measures for children and adolescents. The law newly requires building owners of schools, day care centres and also some other child-care facilities all over Switzerland to perform radon measurements. The AWEL is responsible for carrying out these measurements in Zurich’s cantonal vocational and secondary schools.
The AWEL contracted Ecosens AG to perform the legally required radon measurements in the cantonal schools according to the specifications of the revised radiation protection regulations.

Ecosens AG has been accredited by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) to conduct radon testing.


Our services

  • Planning and coordination of the measuring campaigns with the property managers
  • Placement of the radon dose meters
  • Documentation of the measuring sites
  • Collection of the dose meters once measuring ends
  • Input of the measuring values into the national radon database of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG)
  • Compilation of measuring reports


  • Organisation of (cost)-efficient site inspections at schools
  • Schedule coordination for the measuring campaigns
  • Definition of suitable measuring points
  • Detection of possible radon entry points

Project manager:

Pia Buser Project manager for indoor air quality, radon specialist
Diploma in Environmental Engineering, ETH (Federal Institute of Technology)
pbuser@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 45 More