Protected zone mapping Görtscheggli und Laupers Bärgli springs

The project

Location: Laupers Bärgli, Plasselb (FR)
Customer: Plasselb Municipality
Phases: Protected zone mapping
Dauer: 2018/2019
Bausumme: --


The two spring captures, Laupers Bärgli and Görtscheggli, with an average total yield of 400 l/min, are located at an altitude of respectively 1,294 m and 1,170 m in the forested area south of Plasselb. Thus far these spring captures have not been part of legally binding protected zones. This is why the Plasselb Municipality tasked Ecosens with the mapping of the protected zones for these sources.


Our services

  • Attempted marking in Alpine terrain
  • Monitoring of springs
  • Estimating the risk to the spring captures
  • Evaluating the data and measuring the protected zones
  • Compiling the hydrogeological report, protected zone regulations and protected zone plan for submission to the authorities
  • Municipal and landowner information event


  • Remote, steep terrain
  • Geological/hydrogeological studies and field test using only the simplest tools


Stefan Fuchs Partner, Fribourg branch manager
Diploma in Geological Sciences BENEFRI UniFR Geologist CHGEOL +41 26 422 39 55 More