Order radon dosimeter for radon measurement (for radon measurements in living rooms)

The radon concentration in indoor air can be measured in a simple and inexpensive way using dosimeters. We recommend that BAG-approved measurements be carried out. The required radon dosimeters can be ordered from us. Ecosens AG is a measuring station for radon recognised by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).


  1. order the desired number of radon dosimeters:
    • Measure at least 2 separate living rooms with long periods of occupancy (e.g. living room, bedroom, children's room) preferably in the area with ground contact or on the lowest inhabited floor.
    • Recommended: Additional measurement in the basement; in a room with high radon potential (e.g. a cellar with natural floor).
  2. you receive the dosimeters with measuring instructions by post and install them yourself.
  3. minimum measurement period 90 days during the heating period (October-March). However, we recommend an exposure period of 1 year (the longer, the more meaningful the result, as an annual mean value).
  4. After the measurement, send the dosimeters back to us. (Ecosens AG, Grindelstrasse 5, P.O. Box, 8304 Wallisellen)
  5. You will receive a measurement report with the results and their evaluation in accordance with the FOPH's specifications.
  6. The results are entered into the FOPH radon database.

Unit prices (incl. evaluation and shipping, excl. VAT):

  • 2 pcs. each CHF 80.00
  • 3 pcs. each CHF 75.00
  • 4 pcs. each CHF 70.00
  • from 5 pcs. each CHF 60.00

Contact us if you have any questions about radon or radon measurement.

Radon expert:
Pia Buser
044 839 47 45



Further information on recognised radon measurements by the FOPH

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