N01 Rynetel wildlife bridge

The project

Place: Gränichen / Suhr (AG)
Customer: Swiss Federal Roads Office ASTRA
Phases: Submission, implementation and commissioning
Period: 2019-2021
Construction costs: Approx. CHF 14,000,000


The AG6 wildlife corridor in the Suhr and Gränichen municipalities is one of the most important in Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Roads Office (ASTRA) is therefore implementing a wildlife bridge across the N01. The project includes temporary clearing on both sides as well as permanent rerouting of existing forest paths. The new wildlife bridge is intended to connect the Alpine foothills with the southern slopes of the Jura mountains and might contribute to bring back Red Deer to the Jura mountains.


Our services

  • Environmental consultation for customers and planners regarding project planning and implementation
  • Sampling and examination of suspected contaminated soil to be removed from the roadside area
  • Soil surveys of the forest soil on both sides of the planned bridge
  • Integration of all environmental aspects and requirements into the submission documents and submission support for the customer
  • Planning and implementation of environmental measures and requirements
  • Pedological building management (PBM) during construction, planning and implementation of measures for physical and chemical soil protection


  • National road project with implementation under traffic conditions
  • Construction projects, access roads and installation areas partly located in a forest area
  • Strict requirements regarding various environmental aspects such as nature, forest and soil protection
  • High demand for suitable forest soil to be supplied for the recultivation of the wildlife bridge
  • Extensive soil displacement (top and bottom soil) for rerouting the forest paths
  • Conservation of the adjacent forest areas outside the approved clearing sites

Newspaper article, Aargauer Zeitung 16.07.2020

Project manager:

Lars Schudel Co-divisional manager: Contaminated sites/ Deputy divisional manager: Environmental planning
Certified Geographer
lschudel@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 40 More