N01 Lenzburg South junction optimisation, environmental planner, environmental building management (EBM)

The project

Place: Lenzburg (AG)
Customer: Federal Roads Office ASTRA
Phases: Detailed project planning, submission (until 2019), implementation and commissioning from 2020
Period: 2017-2020
Construction costs: Approx. CHF 10,000,000


Due to increasing traffic counts as well as the existence of an accident black spot according to the VSS standards, ASTRA planned a new motorway input that is almost completely located in forest area. The project also includes construction and infrastructural adjustment in the feeder road area. Due to the high environmental importance, an environmental specialist has already been involved in the detailed design.


Our services

  • Environmental consulting to owner and planners in all project phases
  • Sampling and testing of potentially contaminated soil and building structures
  • Revision of an existing environmental impact statement following relevant project and legal changes
  • Planning of environmental measures, in particular soil protection and water protection / drainage and disposal
  • Submission support for the owner regarding environmental issues


  • National road project with implementation while traffic continues
  • Building project in a forest area
  • High requirements regarding various environmental aspects such as nature, forest and soil protection

Project manager:

Lars Schudel Co-divisional manager: Contaminated sites/ Deputy divisional manager: Environmental planning
Certified Geographer
lschudel@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 40 More