N01 Lenzburg South junction optimisation, pedological building management (PBM)

The project

Place: Lenzburg (AG)
Customer: Federal Roads Office ASTRA
Phases: Detailed project planning, submission (until 2019), implementation and commissioning from 2020
Period: 2017-2010
Construction costs: Approx. CHF 10,000,000


Due to increasing traffic counts as well as the existence of an accident black spot according to the VSS standards, ASTRA planned a new motorway input that is almost completely located in forest area. The project is therefore associated with a large loss of forest soil. However, dismantling the existing feeder allows for the creation of additional soil area in the agricultural zone. The pedological building management (PBM) was contracted as part of the environmental building management (EBM).


Our services

  • Sampling and testing of different soil areas to investigate chemical soil stress
  • Balancing of topsoil and subsoil for use within and outside of the project
  • Planning of the soil structure for agricultural soils to be recultivated
  • Planning the soil logistics (location and capacity of depots for topsoil and subsoil of different qualities
  • Planning and implementation of measures for physical soil protection, integration into the submission


  • National road project to be implemented while traffic continues
  • Construction project in a forest area
  • Turnover and use of large amounts of forest soil
  • Limited usage opportunities for forest soil material
  • Pedological building management (PBM) during the implementation and commissioning phase

Project manager:

Lars Schudel Co-divisional manager: Contaminated sites/ Deputy divisional manager: Environmental planning
Certified Geographer
lschudel@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 40 More