Inspection of an apartment affected by mould

The project

Location: A community in the Aargau canton
Client: Property manager
Reason: The evaluation of mould growth in a rental apartment
Duration: since 2018

The management of an apartment building in the canton of Aargau instructed Ecosens AG to investigate mould growth in an apartment.
A visual inspection of the mould was conducted during a visit to the apartment. Adhesive film was also used to identify the mould species and testing was conducted for airborne micro-organisms.
On the basis of the circumstances encountered, we recommended prompt cleaning of the apartment to be undertaken and professional treatment of the mould growth.


Our services

  • Visual inspection of the mould
  • Sampling and assessing the ambient air using adhesive film
  • Determining the ambient air quality
  • Analysing laboratory results and assessing the impact on health
  • Evaluating the health risk to tenants
  • Delivering remediation recommendations


  • Spontaneous assignment due to the high degree of urgency
  • Sampling typical surfaces
  • Communicating with the tenants
  • Providing detailed advice to the management team in respect of the next steps

Project manager:

Pascal Diefenbacher Divisional manager for indoor air quality
Dr. sc. Environmental Sciences (Federal Institute of Technology) +41 44 839 47 97 More

Pia Buser Project manager for indoor air quality, radon specialist
Diploma in Environmental Engineering, ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) +41 44 839 47 45 More