Inn Joint Power Plant, environmental building management (EBM)

The project

Place: Martina (GR)
Customer: Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Inn GmbH (Inn Joint Power Plant)
Phases: Implementation and commissioning
Period: 2013-2010
Construction costs: Approx. EUR 530 million


The Inn community power plant (CPP) currently under construction at the upper Inn river near the Swiss-Austrian border is the largest hydroelectrical power plant to be built in the Alpine region for many years. An approx. 15 m high weir is being built below Martina to collect the water. The water is ducted in an underground pressure tunnel to the power plant in Prutz (A), where the electricity is generated.

Sub-projects on Swiss land are the storage area with flood protection dam near Martina as well as the weir structure with fish lift up and down


Our services

  • Environmental consulting to owner and planners
  • Communication and coordination between project management and Swiss authorities (BFE, BAFU and ANU GR)
  • Coordination and submission of concepts and approvals considering the international relations
  • Coordination and support of the internal subject specialists
  • Regular building site inspections to monitor environmentally appropriate implementation
  • Performance of requirements management


  • International project requires coordination of the various legal specifications and requirements
  • Various contract sections and companies
  • Building sites for several years within and near flowing bodies of water
  • Extensive requirements management

Project manager:

Daniel Sabathy Divisional manager: Environmental Planning
Diploma in Biological Sciences ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) +41 44 839 47 76 More