Don’t let your construction project get into deep water

A frequently underestimated problem in construction projects is the water present on the building site. We will help you to accurately evaluate the condition of the ground for your construction project.

Groundwater reserves provide the majority of our drinking water. Conflicts of interest may therefore frequently arise during construction projects, resulting in the need to modify and adapt the size of future developments in such a way that they comply with statutory provisions for the applicable groundwater protection measures. We will help you take appropriate precautions and measures to allow for the factors influencing the structure of the building (stability, lowering groundwater levels) and the quality of the groundwater.

Our services:

  • Groundwater exploration / evaluation of hydrogeological conditions
  • Water pollution control and separate protection zones for groundwater and spring catchments
  • Planning dewatering systems for construction projects
  • Installing groundwater measurement points (piezometers)
  • Testing and monitoring the groundwater table (manual readings taken at specific points or continual recording using data loggers)
  • Conducting and evaluating field trials (e.g. pumping tests, tracer tests, etc.)
  • Assessment of soil drainage potential
  • Planning and conducting groundwater decontamination measures associated with pollution

Your contact in German-speaking Switzerland:

Melanie Vögtli Co-divisional manager: Contaminated sites
MSc Environmental Engineering, ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) +41 44 839 47 71 More

Lars Schudel Co-divisional manager: Contaminated sites/ Deputy divisional manager: Environmental planning
Certified Geographer +41 44 839 47 40 More

Your contact in French-speaking Switzerland:

Stefan Fuchs Partner, Fribourg branch manager
Diploma in Geological Sciences BENEFRI UniFR Geologist CHGEOL +41 26 422 39 55 More

Case studies

Detailed hydrogeological examination, Stierenberg Spring, Schwarzsee (FR)

The Stierenberg spring is located in the lower part of the Euschel valley between Schwarzsee and Jaun. In connection with the current water supply projects in the neighbouring Breccaschlund, the Euschel valley and the village of Schwarzsee (...)


Protected zone mapping, Görtscheggli und Laupers Bärgli springs

The two spring captures, Laupers Bärgli and Görtscheggli, with an average total yield of 400 l/min, are located at an altitude of respectively 1,294 m and 1,170 m in the forested area south of Plasselb.


Landslide remediation works, Müllera reservoir, Plasselb

Heavy rain caused a landslide at Müllera reservoir. Due to the slippage of the surface layers, surface water was able to find its way quickly into Müllera reservoir, jeopardising the quality of drinking water.


Subsoil remediation using excavated soil (stopping contamination at source), Lupfig/Hausen (AG)

As a result of previous production processes, there was soil and groundwater contamination on the former Reichhold Chemie site in Hausen and Lupfig. To enable the site to be developed and built on in the future, cutting-edge technology was used to ensure that pollutants present in the ground could be reduced to a minimum. Under the planning and management of Ecosens AG, excavation work incorporating the site's groundwater was undertaken.