Glatt Tower, Wallisellen, Remediation planning and management of asbestos removal project

The project

Client: Liegenschaften-Betrieb AG, Wallisellen
Location: Neue Winterthurerstrasse 99, Wallisellen
Phases: Contamination investigation, planning, project management, air sample testing
Duration: 2016 - 2018


The high-rise office building at the Glatt Centre in Wallisellen was renovated and refurbished in stages. In the course of the contamination investigation, various construction materials containing asbestos and PAH were identified and remediated prior to the renovation work. Different types of asbestos were present in the cladding. The remediation work was carried out on the basis of a detailed project drafted by Ecosens. Remediation work was undertaken consecutively in each of the 12 storeys of the Glatt Tower. In the final stage, the cladding was replaced. The remediation work was conducted and managed by Ecosens.


Our services

  • Sampling and inspecting construction materials suspected of containing hazardous materials (asbestos, PAH, PCB)
  • Detailed planning, conceptual design and tendering of the remediation project
  • Coordinating and supervising the remediation work
  • Inspecting the work of the asbestos specialist
  • Rapid response and solutions when new asbestos is detected, particularly the discovery of sprayed asbestos in the cladding.
  • Cost-effective for the client


  • It was necessary to install negative pressure zones throughout large parts of the floor
  • The remediation project required close coordination with the demolition specialist and building contractor.
  • Replacing the cladding required the complex removal of the asbestos present.
  • Determining appropriate zones on the cladding/scaffolding

Project manager:

Katrin Tanneberger Co-divisional manager: Hazardous materials in buildings
Dr. rer. nat. Leipzig University +41 44 839 47 46 More

Frank Stamer Deputy divisional manager: Hazardous materials in buildings
Certified geologist
Certified industrial engineer (University of Applied Sciences) +41 44 839 47 49 More