Extension of the Zurich Herdern service systems, ecological compensation measures, habitat assessment

The project

Place: Zurich-Altstetten
Customer: Allreal (main contractor) (AG)
Phases: Implementation
Duration: 2012-2015
Construction costs: Approx. CHF 123,000,000


The extension structures for the newly built SBB service system are located on the contaminated Herdern site, a previous landfill site, as well as an area with valuable fauna that provides a habitat for various, protected animal and plant species. Various measures for the protection of the fauna and flora had to be implemented as part of an environmentally compatible project implementation (conditions in the environmental impact report).


Our services

  • Planning and implementation of requirements and measures for nature/species protection
  • Support of the relocation of the wall lizard population
  • Construction management for the creation of ecological structures and habitats for flora and fauna (nesting aids for wild bees, dead wood and branch heaps, stone heaps, sand islands, greening of flat roofs, etc.)


  • Construction site for several years with several construction phases
  • Integration of the ecological measures in a large construction project while the traffic (rail traffic) continues
  • Implementation of the measures while adapting to the biological activity of the lizards and insects (winter break)
  • Numerous interfaces with owner, authorities and companies

Project manager:

Daniel Sabathy Divisional manager: Environmental Planning
Diploma in Biological Sciences ETH (Federal Institute of Technology)
dsabathy@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 76 More