Environmental due diligence for the takeover of Risi AG by Jura Materials

The project

On the occasion of the sale of the share majority in the Risi Group to Jura Materials, Ecosens compiled an environmental due diligence report at the request of the buyer and provided information on potential environmental risks.

The company Risi-Beteiligungen und Verwaltungen AG sold the majority of shares to Jura Holding AG as part of a succession plan. The buyers required information regarding potential environmental risks for the negotiations, which was provided by Ecosens as part of an environmental due diligence report. The Risi Group is a building services company in the central part of Switzerland with 5 subsidiaries, 3 affiliated companies and 240 employees. It provides civil engineering and special civil engineering services and includes additional, independently managed areas such as gravel/concrete, disposal and transport logistics. This also includes the operation of excavation landfill sites and a landfill site for residual material. The special challenge of this project was the variety of activities and sites as well as the assessment of compliance with the environmental law requirements and conditions in the various cantons. The environmental due diligence report was compiled as part of the planned process for the transaction negotiations.


Project manager:

Daniel Aegerter Partner, Divisional manager: Environment, Due Diligence and Compliance
Diploma in Environmental Sciences ETH (Federal Institute of Technology)
daegerter@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 78 More