Environmental due diligence as part of the transaction regarding industrial sites

The project

Ecosens AG supported the transactions concerning various company and industry sites for different private equity houses. The focus is on determining and quantifying environmental risks that may result from non-compliance with environmental law requirements or from pollution load in the ground, soil or building substance.

Environmental risks may be of crucial importance for many transactions by companies in the production industry. The clarification of these risks is therefore indicated in all cases where current and particularly previous activities could have led to contamination of the soil or the building substance or where possible infringement of environmental law specifications might require costly rehabilitation. Ecosens managed to clarify environmental risks potentially associated with purchase objects in various transactions for well-known private equity companies such as Capvis AG, Zurmont Madison/Patrimonium Asset Management AG, Cross Equity Partners AG, Argos Soditic/Argos Wityu, CGS Management AG and Equistone Partners Europe. The focus is always on quantifying these risks and the assessment of the potential costs. This information is useful during sales negotiations and not only concerns price adjustments, but often also the wording of appropriate provisions in the purchasing contracts.

Period: Since 2002

Project manager:

Daniel Aegerter Partner, Divisional manager: Environment, Due Diligence and Compliance
Diploma in Environmental Sciences ETH (Federal Institute of Technology)
daegerter@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 78 More