Onsite environmental awareness

Building permit procedures must take account of complex environmental law requirements. Conflicts of interest and use also arise frequently. During the building permit process, these can result in extensive, ambitious environmental requirements.

Environmental building management (EBM) ensures that your project complies with environmental regulations and project-specific requirements. The environmental building management team often includes pedological building management.

We recommend that you involve environmental specialists at an early stage of your project. Appropriate measures should ideally be defined during the planning and submission phase, as this will keep damaging environmental impact and subsequent costs to a minimum.

Our services:

  • Support for developers and planners when dealing with environmental issues during the development of construction and infrastructure projects
  • Planning and assessment of environmental measures to ensure the project outcome is environmentally compatible and for project control
  • Analysing the environmental requirements and measures derived from the authorisation process
  • Creating technical specifications for the environmental building management team and coordinating the management of environmental requirements
  • Guidance to ensure environmental requirements are incorporated into tenders and service contracts
  • Environmental building management (EBM) during the construction or reconstruction phase, and during the commissioning phase, including project control and final environmental building inspections
  • Interim and final reports for developers, authorities and the public

Your contact in German-speaking Switzerland:

Daniel Sabathy Divisional manager: Environmental Planning
Diploma in Biological Sciences ETH (Federal Institute of Technology)
dsabathy@ecosens.ch +41 44 839 47 76 More

Your contact in French-speaking Switzerland:

Stefan Fuchs Partner, Fribourg branch manager
Diploma in Geological Sciences BENEFRI UniFR Geologist CHGEOL
sfuchs@ecosens.ch +41 26 422 39 55 More

Case studies

N01 Rynetel wildlife bridge

The AG6 wildlife corridor in the Suhr and Gränichen municipalities is one of the most important in Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Roads Office (ASTRA) is therefore implementing a wildlife bridge across the N01.


N01 Baden-West junction repair, environmental building management (EBM)

The Baden-West motorway junction was built in 1969/70 and has not been subject to major refurbishment since that time. Extensive maintenance measures were implemented for the repair of the existing infrastructure (including various engineering structures). Two areas in the agricultural zone were developed as installation places for construction site equipment.


N01 Lenzburg South junction optimisation, environmental planner, environmental building management (EBM)

Due to increasing traffic volume as well as the existence of an accident black spot according to the VSS standards, ASTRA has planned a new motorway access road that is almost completely located in a forest area. The project also includes construction and infrastructural adjustment in the feeder road area. Due to the high environmental importance, an environmental specialist has already been involved in the detailed design.


N01 Restructuring of the Birrhard lay-by, environmental building management (EBM)

The existing Birrhard lay-by at the N01 was completely restructured and its capacity was extended. In addition to building parking places for lorries, the sanitary facilities were refurbished and rendered accessible to handicapped persons. During this project, the whole drainage system of the facility was adapted to the increased legal requirements.


Inn community power plant, environmental building management (EBM)

The Inn Community Power Plant (GKI), currently under construction on the upper Inn river near the Swiss-Austrian border, is the largest hydroelectrical power plant to be built in the Alpine region for many years. An approx. 15 m high weir is being built below Martina to collect the water. The water is ducted in an underground pressure tunnel to the power plant in Prutz (A), where the electricity is generated.


Restructuring and extension of the Wetzikon Hospital, environmental building management (EBM)

The Wetzikon hospital will be extended by several buildings between 2018 and 2024, while the existing buildings will be fully renovated. All construction will be performed while hospital operations are ongoing, which creates high demands for management, logistics, safety and executions. The Wetzikon municipality, the building approval authority, therefore required environmental building management (EBM) for the whole duration of the project.


Total traffic integration in Richti-Glatt, environmental building management (EBM)

The Richti large-scale construction project was implemented between the railway station and the Glatt shopping centre. The traffic routing was completely amended to harmonise the main flows of slow traffic (pedestrians, bicycles) as well as the public and individual traffic flows with each other.