Comprehensive advice in all areas of environmental law

We regard ourselves as problem-solvers in matters of public law: Our solicitors will work out the best legal solution for you on the basis of scientifically founded risk assessments.

We support municipal, cantonal and federal authorities in matters of legislation and enforcement relating to environmentally relevant projects.

Our customers also include companies facing complex legal challenges due to an increasingly tight network of regulations and public awareness of environmental and climate matters.

Our services:

  • Contaminated site and waste law (contract drafting for land transactions, cost division provisions)
  • Immission protection law (noise, air, electromagnetic radiation, etc.)
  • Chemicals law
  • Water protection law
  • Climate law
  • Underground property law
  • Legal compliance, e.g. with environmental management systems or in connection with corporate governance programmes
  • Environmental law consulting on national or international transactions (companies or real estate)

Your contact in German-speaking Switzerland:

Lorenz Lehmann Executive partner, president of the board of directors
lic. iur. Zurich University, solicitor +41 44 839 47 80 More

Case studies

Lonza AG - Legal advice on contaminated sites

The Canton of Valais, Lonza AG, National Roads (cantonal and federal) as well as the municipalities of Visp, Raron, Baltschieder and Niedergesteln agreed in December 2017 on a way of dividing the costs for the remediation of mercury-contaminated soils.


Cost Allocation Procedure - Legal consulting and representation

TheMeasures for investigating, monitoring and rehabilitating contaminated sites are often very expensive, regularly leading to bills of several hundred thousand francs. Normally the site owners have to pre-finance these costs.


Association of Operators of Swiss Waste Recycling Plants VBSA - Report on the liability of the landfill operator

In practice, it happens time and again that waste suppliers incompletely or incorrectly declare their waste and that waste is thus delivered to landfills although it may not be deposited there.


Legacy Management Rio Tinto Switzerland, legal and specialist technical support

With the acquisition of ALCAN in 2007, the Rio Tinto mining company has also taken over the industrial legacy of aluminium production at the sites of the former Alusuisse company.


BAFU enforcement aid
Financing of residential waste disposal

The enforcement aid contributes to the financing of residential waste disposal according to the “user pays” principle in the whole of Switzerland. It provides the cantons and municipalities with a framework that maximises standardisation of the collection of waste disposal fees.


AWEL handbook
For private control of dismantling and reconstruction in the canton of Zurich

After the law for compulsory assessment of construction waste came into force with Article 16 of the VVEA (waste ordinance), the canton of Zurich had to introduce appropriate measures for the enforcement of this new regulation.