Rynetel N01 wildlife bridge

Rynetel N01 wildlife bridge

Environmental building management (EBM) and pedological building management (PBM)

The Federal Roads Office ASTRA is currently implementing a wildlife bridge over the N1 between the Suhr and Gränichen municipalities. The AG6 wildlife corridor is one of the most important in Switzerland. The new wildlife bridge is intended to connect the Alpine foothills with the southern slopes of the Jura mountains and might contribute to bringing back Red Deer to the Jura mountains.

In this fascinating project, Ecosens was tasked by ASTRA with environmental building management (EBM) and pedological building management (PBM) for the submission, implementation and commissioning phases.

Link AZ article dated 9 March 2020


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Lars Schudel
Co-divisional manager: Contaminated sites/ Senior project manager: Environmental planning