Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Inn GKI (Inn Community Power Plant)

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental building management (EBM)

The currently largest run-of-the-river power station under construction in the Alpine region is currently being built in the Unterengadin valley near Martina without much public attention. The investment is more than 600 million euros. Switzerland participates in the two-state project by owning 14% of shares in Engadiner Kraftwerke AG (EKW) Construction work has been underway for 6 years. Commissioning is planned for 2023.

A 15 m high weir below the hamlet of Ovella will dam up the river Inn in future along a length of 2.6 km. The water is ducted through a more than 23 m long headrace tunnel, which was drilled into the rock on the right side of the valley, on Austrian territory, to the powerhouse in Prutz/Ried in Tyrol, where it is channelled through turbines to generate electricity. The technical and construction challenges at the weir building site are considerable, due to the narrow Alpine valley. Work had to be interrupted on several occasions due to falling rocks, avalanches and flooding.

Ecosens has been supporting this project from the time of the earliest planning steps. During the approval phase, we coordinated and moderated the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the Swiss side. During the building phase, it is part of our mandate to provide environmental building management (EBM) to ensure that the environmentally relevant laws and specifications are adhered to and that the measures described in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) are appropriately implemented. This includes, for example, monitoring the noise protection and air pollution control measures at the building site as well as the coordination of water protection measures, the implementation of replacement measures and communication with the Swiss authorities.

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