Comprehensive pollutant evaluation at an operating site in Näfels

Comprehensive pollutant evaluation at an operating site in Näfels

North of the train station in Näfels lies the operating site of Fritz Landolt Immobilien AG. Covering more than 3 hectares of land, it has been used by the textile industry for over 200 years. With a view to the future development of the site, Ecosens AG was able to support the owners by conducting various investigations.

In order to identify the greatest cost risks, a building screening was conducted and random samples taken from all properties at the operating site were examined for building pollutants. In addition, the Indoor Air Quality Department investigated the radon potential of the property by conducting short-term measurements at selected locations. These can be used to prevent possible hazards that may occur with the current use or in the event of a potential change of use.

Furthermore, a preliminary investigation in line with the laws governing contaminated sites was also carried out. Based on a comprehensive historical investigation, the long-term history of the site’s use was reconstructed, with potential legally relevant contaminated site activities being identified. The suspected sites could subsequently be examined by conducting a technical study using percussion drill sampling and groundwater drilling. This procedure enabled us to determine a contaminated site classification of the operating site and to obtain a rough estimate of the additional costs required to dispose of the pollutant contamination found.

Contaminated site information
Building pollutant information


Departmental managers for building pollutants:

Katrin Tanneberger

Denise Kull