Construction project at MIC, expertise in existing elements

The project

Location: Marly
Marly Innovation Center MIC
Phases: planning, implementation
Period: 2019 - 2020
Total costs: --


An ambitious construction project of an eco-district is in the process of being carried out on the old paper mill site in Marly. In addition to its existing geological and contaminated site services, Ecosens also carried out an asbestos survey of the buildings being demolished as part of the project, as well as monitoring the asbestos removal work.

Moreover, Ecosens regularly monitors the rest of the site, with expertise in the various elements or buildings still in place, as part of their normal use or as works progress.


Our services

  • Contamination survey of the building: buildings to be demolished, network of old insulation of buildings still in use, metal pedestrian bridge
  • Monitoring of sanitation work: demolished buildings, intermittent renovations in buildings still in use


  • Numerous buildings, all built in different periods and used in different ways
  • Sometimes complex Industrial infrastructures (plumbing network and insulation)
  • Incomplete information about the numerous works carried out before, sometimes by other companies

Project manager:

Stefan Fuchs Partner, Fribourg branch manager
Diploma in Geological Sciences BENEFRI UniFR Geologist CHGEOL +41 26 422 39 55 More