BAFU enforcement aid Financing of residential waste disposal

The project

Place: Bern
Customer: Federal Environment Office (BAFU)
Period: 2015-2018


Enforcement aid contributes to the financing of residential waste disposal according to the “user pays” principle in the whole of Switzerland. It provides the cantons and municipalities with a framework that maximises standardisation of the collection of waste disposal fees. Legal requirements and jurisdiction are explained and recommendations for the handling of waste charges are provided.


Our services

  • Processing of federal court decisions concerning residential waste
  • Compilation of a draft text for enforcement aid jointly with Stephan Textor (Textor Engineering) and Jenny Manco (BAFU), incl. graphical representations
  • Discussion and development of the text within the broad-based support group with representatives of cantons, cities, municipalities, industry, retail and associations


  • Processing of complex legal matters to provide an easily readable text for a broad audience
  • Sharing of work and collaboration with co-authors and the customer
  • Broad support for the results from participating representatives with different goals
  • Handling of the order on budget and on time

The text for the enforcement aid can be downloaded here.

Project manager:

Lorenz Lehmann Executive partner, president of the board of directors
lic. iur. Zurich University, solicitor +41 44 839 47 80 More