Does your company comply with the statutory environmental and safety requirements?

We help you identify and fulfil statutory requirements with regard to environmental protection, occupational safety and occupational health.

We collaborate with you to define the actions required to ensure that processes comply with statutory requirements and to minimise the risk of accidents and thus the risk of incurring breakdown costs and liability.

Does your case go beyond the borders of Switzerland? Thanks to our experience with international audit programmes, we are able to provide support in aspects of legal compliance and implementation, both in Switzerland and from an international perspective.

Our services:

  • Reviewing adherence to laws (audit)
  • Consulting regarding actual legal requirements (list of laws to be complied with)
  • Advice and training regarding environmental/safety legislation and liability
  • Development of environmental and safety management systems and compliance programmes

Your contact in German-speaking Switzerland:

Daniel Aegerter Partner, Divisional manager: Environment, Due Diligence and Compliance
Diploma in Environmental Sciences ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) +41 44 839 47 78 More