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Environmental Management Consultants
Advising SMEs on location ecological compass (Ökokompass), Zurich, 2009 – today

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Environmental planning / EIA

Advising SMEs on location ecological compass (Ökokompass), Zurich, 2009 – today

Within the scope of the legislative focus “Zurich: a sustainable city – on the way to a 2000-watt society”, the city offers free environmental advice for SMEs. Via its accredited location consultant, Ecosens advises numerous companies representing various industries in terms of meaningful, feasible and profitable measures. The entire programme is based on the voluntary action by the SMEs.

The ambitious goals of the 2000-watt society can only be reached if large corporations and Zurich’s 25,000 SMEs, as well as private households, contribute to a responsible use of energy and resources.
Ecosens evaluates what internal measures would promise the greatest benefits in terms of energy, environment and financial gain for each individual SME for the different industries, using its accredited location consultant,. These measures are structured into four areas: Energy / Building, Mobility / Logistics, Material / Material Flow and Information / Quality / Certification. The company’s managers are informed and instructed as well as encouraged to implement initial immediate measures and/or to determine specific improvement possibilities through further analyses and to implement these in an effective manner through personal consultations. Orientation is also offered to provide assistance with the (over)abundance of information offers and financing instruments.  Using a so-called map, each company will be in the position to formulate their specific environmental goal as a “mission statement” and to point the ecological compass towards sustainability.